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Prevent Disk Sleep 4.2

Cancel your computer's disk sleep mode to avoid file operations from failing
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Despite the potential additional mechanical stress that it may cause to our hard disk drives, there are situations in which we cannot afford letting our drives go to sleep or become idle. Prevent Disk Sleep provides a simple and costless solution to those who need to have their disks ready to perform specific file operations at any time and without delay, external drives included.

The way the program works is as simple as its interface. What Prevent Disk Sleep does is to write a one-line text file on a selected folder every X number of seconds (10 being the minimum) to keep your HDD awake at all times. This one line is actually a date stamp plus a timestamp, which will be updated every time the program creates a new TXT file and replaces the previous one with it.

Therefore, all you need to tell the program is which drive or drives you want it to keep awake, the disk write interval in seconds, if you want to hide the text file or not (new to this version), whether you wish the program to launch at startup or not, and when to start or stop the whole process. The only “extra utility” offered by this tiny tool is the option to open with your default text editor the TXT file(s) it creates to keep your disks active at all times.

That’s all there is to Prevent Disk Sleep – a simple free utility that solves a simple problem. If you don’t want (or don’t know how) to tweak your system’s settings regarding its sleep mode settings, this is an excellent and straightforward option that I can’t but recommend.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Prevents you from tweaking your computer's sleep mode settings
  • Offers a simple on/off functionality
  • Rewrites the text file it creates


  • Cannot schedule idle and busy times
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